Choose Black Ops BB and Pellet Guns for Authenticity and Accuracy

Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a recreational plinker or you have a pest problem, Black Ops BB and pellet guns are the professional grade pistols and air rifles that will help you get the job done. Never before have there been bb and pellet guns available that look so authentic, or that rival the accuracy …

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Black Ops Airsoft Guns: Full Metal Cobra Assault Rifle Review

When you are preparing for close quarters combat, you want an airsoft gun that is designed for the purpose. Of all of the Black Ops Airsoft Guns, the Full Metal Cobra Assault Rifle is the optimal rifle for short-range accuracy and maneuverability. Here are a few of the advantages you can expect when you use …

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Black Ops Airsoft Guns: 4 Fun Air soft Games Worth Trying

Are you a Black Ops airsoft guns enthusiast? You can’t claim “enthusiast” status until you are well-versed in playing styles and course layouts. There are many variations on classic playing styles, but the possibilities only run out with your imagination. Get creative–and investigate online communities, forums, or draw from your favorite video game multi-player modes. …

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Black Ops Air Guns: 3 Maintenance Tips for your Guns

Maintaining your Black Ops air guns is crucial to ensuring that your guns and your games last longer. Here are 3 tips on how to keep your Black Ops air guns clean, which BBs to use, proper loading, and how to troubleshoot a jammed gun. Cleaning Your Black Ops Air Guns Never use strong cleansers, …

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Black Ops Airsoft Guns: A Great Way To Learn Gun Safety

Black Ops Airsoft guns and other airsoft and pellet guns are great for people that are interested in learning how to shoot a gun or teaching their children. It can be far cheaper to buy this type of gun, and they are much safer to use while learning how to shoot and learning the rules …

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Black Ops Airsoft Guns: The Full Metal 1911 Scorpion Airsoft Pistol Review

Have you been looking for the perfect present to give your brother, husband, or boyfriend? If the man in your life is a fan of Black Ops Airsoft Guns, and you want to skip the disappointment of giving them a new tie, they’re going to love the Full Metal 1911 Scorpion Airsoft Pistol. This particular …

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Black Ops Airsoft Guns Make Great Gifts!

Father’s Day will be here before you know it, which means you will soon be looking for the perfect gift for your husband, father, brother, or boyfriend. Instead of getting something generic like movie passes or yet another dress shirt, consider Black Ops airsoft guns! What’s the Big Deal?If you have never played with Black …

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In the Market for Black Ops Airsoft Guns?

Whether you are new to the world of airsoft guns or you are already an experienced pro, refurbished Black Ops airsoft guns might be the best choice for your next purchase. If you don’t have much experience with the Black Ops brand, or you are new to refurbished, here are some reasons you should go …

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Black Ops BB And Pellet Guns: Ignite Black Ops Tactical Sniper Pellet Gun Professional Grade Air Rifle Review

You already knowBlack Ops BB and pellet gunsbut did you know that theyve just made your target practice more exciting with the new Ignite Black Ops Tactical Sniper Pellet Gun Professional Grade Air Rifle? Just when you thought youd seen it all from Black Ops, they offer a gun that is a perfect combination of …

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Black Ops Pellet Guns: Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle Review

Ready to get the young shooter in your life a pellet rifle of his own? If you are, then it’s time to take a look at Black Ops pellet guns and their Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle. The Junior Sniper Rifle is designed not just for young shooters but for shooters who don’t want to …

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