Tactics For The Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Game

The Call of Duty Black Ops zombies has become the most liked game so far because of the amazing World at War features and strategies that have been very well devised and added to this game making it a big hit. The basic thing that the players have to do is to get the entry points while trying to stay alive, as they kill as much zombies as they can.

Since it is a difficult mode, you need specific game play strategies to survive this mode. Some of them are below.

Most of the players use pistol or a knife for starting the zombie game. They can use other weapons such as rifle or shotgun as well if they manage to secure enough points to get these weapons. There is no doubt that the players will love it if they can use some high profile weapon in the beginning of the game. It is always a sensible choice to use the knife even if you have weapons like guns etc because you might not have enough bullets to make the kill. In this manner, you will be able to save the bullets for crucial time when you encounter some difficult zombies.

It is always exciting to play the game with a friend by using the multiplayer feature. Call of duty black ops zombies is a game that calls for the player to pay immense attention and playing with a friend is not only fun, but also a good strategy, as it makes it is easier to keep an eye on the zombies. This helps in more prospects for survival.

There are more than one ways in which you can kill the zombies in the Call of Duty Black Ops zombies game, which makes it more interesting. If you hit them in the legs, they will be crippled, and will have to crawl. This is the best strategy making them a meager threat for you. The plus point of shooting the zombies in the legs is that you will grab more points and heavy weapons as well. However, you will have to run fast to get rid of them.

The zombie will pose to be much more dangerous if it manages to cross the barriers. You must also stand near the entry point, as it will enhance your chances of killing the zombies with your knife or your rifle.

You will have to use your best strategies and skills in the Zombie Survival Mode, as this is the biggest challenge. The best strategy is to use your best skills to kill all the zombies immediately that you encounter. You will have to stay focused and practice a lot to get through this mode.

There is a great need of proper communication among the team members, as it will help you use the points for opening the door and negotiate the ways for survival. Remember that you will not be able to buy many weapons. The random boxes can be a big hit at times, so do not forget to check them out. They do cost you a little bit much, but if you hit a jackpot, you can get some real good weapon to kill the zombies.

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