Choose Black Ops BB and Pellet Guns for Authenticity and Accuracy

Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a recreational plinker or you have a pest problem, Black Ops BB and pellet guns are the professional grade pistols and air rifles that will help you get the job done. Never before have there been bb and pellet guns available that look so authentic, or that rival the accuracy of genuine firearms. You’ll even be amazed at the weight of the weapons when you hold them in your hands. Even officers of the law have a hard time telling Black Ops BB and pellet guns from the real thing.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Black Ops BB and pellet guns is the realistic weight when you hold it in your hands.

If you’re a handgun-guy, your choice will be the Black Ops Steel BB 8-inch Exterminator. With an 8-inch full-metal barrel and an adjustable sight, this baby lays heavy in your hand and even boasts real hammer action. When you opt for the Exterminator, you’ll be shooting .177/4.5 mm six metal BBs, powered with a Co2 cartridge in the handle and with an FPS of 410. So awesome and a lot of fun, the Black Ops BB 8-inch Exterminator isn’t your daddy’s BB gun by a long shot!

You can’t do better than Black Ops BB and pellet guns for accuracy and firepower. Order yours online today at www.giftsformenoutlet.com.For the highly-trained marksman, the Black Ops Tactical Sniper Pellet Gun Professional Grade Air Rifle is the ticket. As with all other Black Ops weapons, realistic look and feel are just as important as accuracy in this firearm. To that end, this pellet gun is substantial enough that you’ll definitely want to employ the adjustable bipod to ensure precision. The 4 X 32 stock is synthetic and durable, and the cheek rest is adjustable for efficiency as well as comfort. The Black Ops Tactical Professional Grade Air Rifle is .177 caliber, 1200 FPS, and the new, enhanced Power Piston Technology extends the life of your air rifle and makes for a quieter shot when fired.

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Black Ops BB and Pellet Guns

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