Black Ops Gamo Whisper Air Rifle Review

If you are looking for a quiet, precise shot air rifle, the Black Ops Gamo Whisper Air Rifle is one of the best options for small game hunters. Easy to handle and quick loading, the Gamo Whisper Air Rifle features a noise dampener that stops jarring sounds from irritating neighbors, other hunters, or even your hunting dog. This air rifle boasts a built-in noise dampener that makes it 52% quieter than an average spring air rifle. You can concentrate on aiming and hunting without a ringing in your ears after each shot.
The Black Ops Gamo Whisper Air Rifle is made of a tough synthetic material to last through many outings without chips or cracks. It provides gentle recoil, one that helps you fire more shots easier and faster. There’s a lightweight pad on each side of the rifle to accommodate both left and right handed shooters. This air rifle offers precise sights and scope for a better look at game, and a 1200 fps velocity with PBA; 1000 fps with lead.
The forearm and grip have a steady, non-slip texture for a better shot. It has 30 lbs. of cocking power, and a break barrel with a single cocking system. The Black Ops Gamo Whisper Air Rifle features an adjustable rear sight, and a sight guard for the front sight. The gun has a manual safety, a uniform solid mount and both front and rear sights are constructed with fiber optics. The whisper air rifle earns its name with Noise Dampening 52 technology, which makes this gun 52% quieter than other air rifles. The quiet shooting mechanism prevents wildlife from hearing the direction of the shot, giving you an advantage when hunting small game.
This Black Ops air rifle specs include a reticle air rifle scope and raised rail scope. You can use it for pest elimination if you have rats or squirrels on your property, or as a hunting rifle for small animals. This air rifle uses .177 pellets for ammunition and has a trigger pull of 3.74 lbs. It has an 18″ barrel length, 46.0″ length total and weighs 5.28 lbs.

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Black Ops Gamo Whisper Air Rifle
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