Black Ops Gamo Whisper Air Rifle: Noise Dampener Addition and Benefits

If you’re looking for the ultimate pellet gun hunting experience, then the Black Ops Gamo Whisper Air Rifle with Noise Dampener is the gun for you. The Gamo Whisper has everything you expect from Black Ops pellet guns and then some. It has a standard 39×40 reticle air rifle scope with a one-piece solid mount to ensure accuracy, a fiber optic front sight with sight guard and a fiber optic adjustable rear sight. If you want high velocity, the Gamo Whisper delivers pellets at a speed of 1200 fps with PBA pellets and 1000 fps with lead pellets. High velocity coupled with a grip and forearm that have a non-slip texture for stability mean you’ll have the speed and stability to take down your prey with one shot.

The Black Ops Gamo Whisper Air Rifle with Noise Dampener has a break barrel with a single cocking system and a spring piston. It features an automatic cocking safety system and a manual trigger safety. The rifled steel barrel has a fluted, polymer jacket. The stock is made of an all-weather, molded synthetic material to make this gun almost indestructible. For shooting comfort, it has a ventilated rubber pad on the butt for recoil absorption and molded cheekpads on each side for right- or left-handed shooters.
If it’s real shooting comfort you want, then you need to check out the one feature of this gun that separates it from the others – the noise dampener that gives this gun it’s nickname of ‘The Quiet Gun.’ The ND 52 noise dampening technology on this innovative rifle not only softens recoil but makes the weapon more accurate. Shooting that’s 52 percent quieter than other guns means that you won’t bother your neighbors if you’re target-shooting in your yard. It also means less noise distraction for hunting dogs, less blast-related hearing problems for hunters and decreased spooking of wildlife.
When you’re ready to buy a gun for hunting small- to medium-sized game or for plinking in your yard, check out the Black Ops Gamo Whisper Air Rifle with Noise Dampener at www.giftsformenoutlet.com. With the quality you expect from Black Ops and the innovation of noise dampening technology, there’s no better gun on the market. To order the Gamo Whisper Air Rifle with Noise Dampener, go to http://giftsformenoutlet.com/collections/black-ops-pellet-guns/products/gamo-whisper-air-rifle-with-noise-dampener. To order from www.giftsformenoutlet.com by phone, call 888-581-7776.

Black Ops Gamo Whisper Air Rifle
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When you’re ready to buy a gun for hunting small- to medium-sized game or for plinking in your yard,check out the Black Ops Gamo Whisper Air Rifle with Noise Dampener at www.giftsformenoutlet.com.

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In Frankrijk, onder Toulouse, aan de voet van de Pyrenee├źn is het landschap heuvelachtig en vriendelijk. Goudgele korenvelden, knalgele zonnebloemen, bruine aarde, groene grasvelden met witte koeien liggen als een lappendeken over de heuvels. Op deze deken liggen eenvoudige boeren huizen van gele zandsteen en rode dakpannen.

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