Black Ops Airsoft Guns: Refurbished Black Ops Airsoft Guns Review

If you’re looking for great Black Ops Airsoft guns but you just can’t afford to pay full price, consider purchasing refurbished Black Ops Airsoft guns. Why are these such a great idea? Because you get everything you’ve come to expect from Black Ops but at a lower price. And if you think you’ll only be able to choose one or two refurbished models, has six models to choose from:

▪ Refurbished Black Ops 2.5-inch Exterminator Revolver. This Black Ops 6-shot replica gun’s design is based on the design of the classic, snub-nosed revolvers that have fascinated gun owners for decades. It has a realistic look that includes six realistic shells and a textured grip with finger grooves. It has full-metal construction, fixed-blade front sight, adjustable fiber optic rear sight and is CO2-powered with a 12-gram carbon dioxide tank.

▪ Refurbished Black Ops 1911 Scorpion Pistol. This is a realistic-looking replica of the 1911 revolver that was the standard U.S. Army M1911 pistol that was the standard-issue sidearm from 1911 to 1986. This Black Ops version has a functional full-metal slide and a crisp blowback recoil. It has adjustable sights and semi-automatic firing modes. It’s CO2-powered and has a 16-round, full-metal magazine.

▪ Refurbished Black Ops M4 Viper Assault Rifle. This Black Ops assault rifle is a replica of the M4 carbine version of the M16 rifle developed for use in the Vietnam War. Carbines are shorter than the standard rifle but fire the same ammunition. Like all Black Ops Airsoft guns, this is a realistic-looking and feeling weapon. In addition to semi- and fully-automatic shooting modes and authentic-feeling recoil, this gun is customizable and can be fitted with scopes, lasers, lights, vertical grips, sling attachments and night-vision add-ons. This refurbished gun comes with a new Plano hard case and an extra clip.

▪ Refurbished Black Ops Cobra Assault Rifle. This Cobra Airsoft rifle is the close-quarters-combat version of the M-4 assault rifle. The butt stock is gone and the barrel has been shortened to just over 9 inches. It boasts flip-up front and rear sights and is semi- or fully-automatic. It shoots 350 to 420 fps with a realistic electric blowback that simulates real firing recoil. This refurbished gun comes with a new Plano hard case and an extra clip.

▪ Refurbished Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle. This great gun gives you the option of firing BBs or pellets with excellent accuracy for such an inexpensive rifle. It’s a multi-pump pneumatic that shoots pellets 669 fps with 10 pumps and BBs 675 fps with 10 pumps. It has a fixed fiber optic front sight, a fully-adjustable fiber optic rear sight, manual safety and black, synthetic stock. This refurbished gun comes with an upgraded soft case.

▪ Refurbished Black Ops Exterminator Revolver. This Black Ops revolver is one of the best CO2-powered revolvers on the market. It has a fixed front sight, adjustable rear sight, Weaver optics and accessory rails and a full-metal, 8-inch barrel. It fires metal BBs 410 fps, has real hammer action and a working ejector rod. The frame is metal with plastic grips. It’s an excellent gun for practicing aiming, trigger control, shooting double-action and single-action.

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