Black Ops Airsoft Guns: 4 Fun Air soft Games Worth Trying

Are you a Black Ops airsoft guns enthusiast? You can’t claim “enthusiast” status until you are well-versed in playing styles and course layouts. There are many variations on classic playing styles, but the possibilities only run out with your imagination. Get creative–and investigate online communities, forums, or draw from your favorite video game multi-player modes. Here are 5 great ideas for enjoying Black Ops airsoft guns to the fullest.

“One in the Chamber”

Call of Duty gamers will recognize this fun take on combat competition. Each player is allowed only one “bullet” in their clip, and when you hit another player with that bullet, you get one bullet back.

The trick comes when you miss–because you don’t get to replace a wayward shot. Each player carries a fake knife (or branch, it just takes imagination), and to get a bullet back, a player has to get close enough to “stab” an opposing player in the torso. Theoretically, a player could sneak around and hoard bullets by “stabbing” people.


Here’s another classic; assign one player to be the “president,” and split the remaining players into into groups of “bodyguards” and “assassins.”

Agree on a destination for the president–it’s the bodyguards’ job to get him there safe and sound. Once the destination is set, agree on two starting points for the two groups. If the president arrives untouched, the guards win. If the president is shot…well, the answer is obvious. Have fun mixing up the rules: whether or not president gets a gun, where the groups start, whether or not the president starts in a secret location, etc. (Rules found on instructables.com)

“Capture the Flag, Ninja Edition”

Capture the flag uses both Black Ops airsoft guns and imitation hand weapons, like knives or swords. Played at night, this version of a classic splits the teams into “ninjas” and “attackers.” The ninjas host the flag, and the attackers must try and capture it.

Here’s the twist: attackers have guns, and the ninjas don’t. The ninjas (who are guarding the flag) use hand weapons to take out enemy intruders with stealth. Either the ninjas are all shot, the attackers are all stabbed, or the flag is captured. (Rules found on instructables.com)


If regular Team Death Match or Capture the Flag is getting a bit slow, consider adding a “bomb” to the mix. Use a timer of some kind (battery operated, obviously) and assign it to one of the teams. Set the timer to 20 minutes, for instance; the attackers have this amount of time to smuggle it into the defenders’ base. Defenders can steal the bomb, of course, and deliver it to the attackers’ base.

Either way, the team that sneaks the bomb into the opposing base before time runs out wins. (Rules found on worldpremierairsoftcenter.com)

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