Black Ops Air Guns: 3 Maintenance Tips for your Guns

Maintaining your Black Ops air guns is crucial to ensuring that your guns and your games last longer. Here are 3 tips on how to keep your Black Ops air guns clean, which BBs to use, proper loading, and how to troubleshoot a jammed gun.

Cleaning Your Black Ops Air Guns

Never use strong cleansers, solvents or petroleum-based lubricants when cleaning your Black Ops air gun. Only a damp cloth is needed. Make sure you clean the exterior with the damp cloth and then clean the inside of the barrel with a silicone spray. The barrel is the most important part of your air gun and should be cleaned on a regular basis. Avoid performing any maintenance on the interior mechanisms, such as the gearbox. These types of maintenance procedures should only be performed by a pro. Once the barrel has been cleaned, make sure to test fire your air gun with the hop turned up to zero.

Use the Right BBs for Your Gun

You should fight the temptation to use anything less than high quality BBs. Low quality BBs will likely damage the barrel of your air gun. Most high quality air guns are designed to use BBs that weight 0.22 grams. Using a lighter BB will likely result in a jam or break. Reusing BBs is also a big mistake that usually results in a jam or breakage.

Watch Out For Jam Risks

Air guns jam for a number of reasons, but the most common reasons are poor care, maintenance or storage. Excessive dirt, deformed or dirty BBs, or debris in the magazine are frequent causes of damage to air guns. If your air gun does become jammed, you’ll want to stop firing it immediately. Continuing to fire a jammed gun could damage it even further by breaking pistons or gears.

Maintaining your air gun properly is essential to your success in the air gun sport, not to mention your enjoyment of it. Well-maintained Black Ops air guns will not only last longer, but the performance you will experience during practice and gameplay will be vastly improved. Make sure you clean your air gun on a regular basis, as well as take it in to a professional to have the gearbox cleaned and serviced every six months. Do you need to add to your collection of Black Ops air guns? Call us at (888) 581-7776 or visit www.giftsformenoutlet.com for a great selection of top quality gear and accessories.

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