Black Ops 2 Release Date

With just over a month left seperating us from the Official Black ops 2 release date it’s time we dive into some of the rumoured features and properties that will make up the latest addittion in the Black Ops and Call of Duty franchise.

The official black ops 2 release date is the 13th November. Fans of the Treyarch product can look forward to several new game modes and tweaked concepts. A huge success in the original black ops game, Zombies is set to return to your screens bigger and better than ever! Fans can expect a playable storyline fixed to the Zombie game mode aswell as the typical round based survival style mode. The most popular map in the original game, Nuketown is confirmed to be included in multiplayer, this time set in 2025 and with a addittional Zombie mode. Other map locations include Los Angeles, Hollywood, Pakistan and a Chinese Supercarrier. Following Modern Warfare 3 fans wonder whether Treyarch will follow-up with Activisions choice to offer 3 seperate types of reward packages, many fans hoping that they will revere back to their old ways and offer just one reward package including all of the available kill streaks. It is safe to say that the most wanted installment of the black ops 2 release is Zombies, with huge publicity being centered around the new images and trailer released previously.

We should not mention killstreaks any longer, why? Because in replacement of the kill streak system Treyarch have added scorestreaks. This benefits all players, crediting team-players and objective based players but also preventing people from ruining game modes by focusing on kills. black ops 2 release date is just around the corner, with it bringing plenty of new guns and warfare. Riot sheilds and several other previous weapons will return with some awesome new features, for example, the Riot sheild can now be planted on the ground allowing dynamic cover options and sweet tactical moves to be carried out. Create a class has been assured to be drastically changed, although not much information has been released regarding what’s so new, Treyarch have promised to add a vast increase in the flexability you can give to your class. Using a 20 slot system you can customize your class to suit your particular playing style, with both primary and secondary weapons being rumoured to allow up to 3 attatchments each. We do beleive there is a limit on the amount of slots you can use, depending on what you already have equipped.

That’s all for now, expect more news shortly including game information and more info on the black ops 2 release date.

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Black Ops 2 – Zombies
black ops
Image by Javier Domínguez Ferreiro

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